Our Story

Following their family in 1964, Michelangelo and Filomena Sciulli left the beautiful Italian countryside of Gamberale, in the Region of Abruzzo, to create better lives for themselves and generations to come.

Michael started in the restaurant business working at the LeMont Restaurant in Mt Washington. There he worked his way up as a dishwasher, a busboy, and onto food prep.

With the responsibility of providing for his growing family. Michael took on a additional job in the kitchen at the Churchill Country Club. 

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Our Family

After years of working in the restaurant business and following his dream of opportunity in America, Michael and a few close coworkers from the LeMont and Churchill Country Club, decided to venture out on their own. In 1971, Michael and his new partners opened Tivoli's Restaurant on Rodi Road in Penn Hills, PA.

It was there, where Michael's three sons Larry, Frank and Michael Jr. came together to work and learn the business.

After 20 years of a successful restaurant business with his partners, Michael recognized it was time to move on and use all his knowledge and experience to open his own restaurant.

Opened October 1991, Michael A's Restaurant is owned and operated daily by Michael, Filomena, and their children. 

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Our Cuisine

Michael A's has been known since 1991 for its warm traditional atmosphere, wonderful food, great service, and reasonable prices.

Our cuisine has been generated from three generations of authentic family recipes from the heart of Italy. 

From our fresh appetizers,salads and homemade soups to a extensive lunch and dinner menu. Michael A's never fails to deliver authentic Italian cuisine. 

Lunch or dinner, dine in or take out we are here to make your dining experience one that will become a part of your own family tradition .