dinner menu


Linguini, Penne, Rigatoni or Cappellini $12.00

Rolled Stuffed Eggplant w/ Ricotta $14.00
Comes w/ Pasta

Spaghetti with Meatball $13.00

Rolled Stuffed Eggplant w/ Veal $15.00
Comes w/ Pasta

Gnocchi $13.00

Lasagna $15.00

Fettuccine Alfredo $13.50

Stuffed Shells $14.00

Cappellini Alfredo Pignoli $14.00

Manicotti $14.00

Mushroom Ravioli (Alforno) $15.00

Pasta Primavera   $14.00

Pasta w/Calamari (Red or White)
Eggplant Parmigiana $14.00

Ravioli (cheese or meat) $14.00

Choice of Sauce: Marinara or Meat Sauce

Alfredo, Pesto, Genovese, or Oil & Garlic- $2.00 Extra/ Red or White Clam Sauce- $3.00 Extra /Red or White Seafood Sauce- $5.00 Extra /Extra Meatball- $2.00 / Extra Hot or Sweet Sausage- $2.50 Extra

All Pasta Dinners include, Soup & Salad

*Consuming Raw or Under-Cooked Food, may 

increase your risk of Food-Borne Illnes


Chicken Romano $15.00
Sautéed in Egg & Parmesan Cheese

Chicken Ribiato $15.00
Medallions of Chicken sautéed w/ peppers, mushrooms, onions, & hot 

peppers over linguini w/ Marinara Sauce

Chicken Piccata $15.00
Sautéed with mushrooms, white wine & lemon butter sauce

Chicken Spezatino $15.00
Medallions of Chicken sautéed w/ Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions in Marinara Sauce

Chicken Marsala $15.00
Sautéed w/ marsalla wine & mushrooms

Chicken Cordon Bleu $15.00
Chicken Breast topped w/ ham & provolone

Chicken Parmigiana $15.00

Chicken Italian Style $17.00
Medallions of Chicken sautéed w/ peppers, mushrooms, onions & rosalee potatoes

Chicken Breast & Fettuccine Alfredo $15.00
Two (2) Sautéed Chicken Breast w/ Fettuccini Alfredo

Chicken Lorenzo $17.00
Sautéed then baked w/ tomato wedges, olives, mushrooms, onions peppers, and parmesan cheese baked in its own juices


 Veal Romano $18.00
Sautéed in egg & parmesan cheese batter

Stuffed Veal $20.00
Prosciutto & provolone cheese in sherry wine & cream sauce

Veal Piccata $18.00
Sautéed with mushrooms, white wine & lemon butter sauce

Breaded Veal Cordon Bleu $19.00
With Provolone Cheese & Prosciutto

Veal Marsella $18.00
Sautéed w/ marsalla wine & mushrooms

Veal Ribiato $19.50
Medallions of veal sautéed with peppers, mushrooms, hot peppers,

onions & rosalee potatoes

Veal Scallopini $18.00
Sautéed in wine w/ peppers, mushrooms & onions

Veal ala "Phil" $19.00

Veal Romano topped with provolone

Veal Parmigiana $18.00

Veal Steak $20.00
Sautéed with peppers, mushrooms & onions

Veal on Wheels $18.50
Veal Parmigiana w/ zucchini and provolone

All Dinners Include, Soup & Salad and Choice of Side

Plate Sharing $6.00


 *N.Y Strip Steak $22.00

*Cajun Steak $22.00

*Petite Filet 8oz $22.00

*Petite Filet & Shrimp $24.00

*Filet Mignon (12oz) $25.00

*Medallion of Beef $23.00
Petite Filets sautéed in Red Wine Sauce

 Topped w/ peppers,mushrooms and onions

*Steak Pizaiola $24.00
N.Y Strip topped w/ peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomato sauce and provolone

Pork / Lamb

*Pork Italian Style $18.00
Medallions of Pork sautéed w/ peppers, mushrooms,onions & rosalee potatoes

*Broiled Lamb Chops (Market)
w/ Mint Jelly


 Broiled or Cajun Cod $19.50

*Tuna Steak (cajun or broiled) $20.00
Served with a portion of escarole

Broiled Scrod & Scallops $20.00

Broiled Trout w/ Crabmeat $20.50

Lemon Sole Michael A's $20.50
Sautéed with mushrooms, shrimp, white wine & lemon butter sauce

French Fried Shrimp (6 pc.) $20.50

Sautéed Scallops $22.00
Oil, Garlic, Onions, Mushrooms and Peppers

Shrimp Scampi $20.50
Shrimp sautéed in oil and garlic

Scallops ala Michael A's $22.00

Stuffed Shrimp $20.50

Fresh Broiled Scallops $22.00

Soft Shell Crab $24.50
Lightly sautéed & served w/escarole & beans

Orange Roughy Romano $19.00
Egg & Cheese Batter

*Surf 'N Turf (Market)
Lump Crabmeat Almondine $21.50

Twin Lobster Tails (Market)

Seafood Platter $23.50
(With Lobster Tail Market)

Our Famous Zuppa Del Mar $20.00
Scrod, Shrimp, Scallops. Oysters, Clams, & Mussels sautéed 

and served over Linguini in Marinara Sauce

*Salmon Steak (cajun or broiled) $20.00

All Dinners include, Soup & Salad and Choice of Side

*Consuming Raw or Under-cooked food, may increase

your risk of Food-borne Illness.